Foundation Scholarships FAQ

How do I know if I qualify for a RTC Foundation Scholarship?

You are eligible if you are...

  1. Currently enrolled and taking classes at RTC.
  2. You have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Some scholarships require a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  3. You need financial assistance to help pay for school. This can include; family support, having to work to pay for school, or you need loans, scholarships, and grants.

Do I automatically receive a Foundation scholarship if I meet the minimum qualifications?

No. By meeting the minimum qualifications you are now considered a candidate, and will have your scholarship application scored by the Scholarship Committee. The Committee then awards the scholarships based on the strength of your application and recommendations.

What type of scholarships are available?

The RTC Foundation offers 55 different scholarships based on your financial need and to recognize numerous types of achievements, including academic and personal achievements. We have a general scholarship that is needs-based, and numerous scholarships that are program-related, awarded for academic achievement, or school leadership, community service, and for individuals who have overcome challenges in life.

How many scholarships can I receive?

You can receive more than one scholarship for fall, winter, and spring quarters based on your financial need. Scholarship amounts range from $500 - $2,500 per quarter. The majority of scholarships are $1,000 per student, per quarter. We do not award scholarships during summer quarter.

How do I know which scholarships to apply for?

The Foundation's online scholarship application system automatically MATCHES you to every scholarship that you qualify for, so you only have to fill out one application. This doesn't mean you will receive every scholarship, just that you go into the pool of candidates for final review by the Scholarship Committee.

Where do I apply for the RTC Foundation scholarships?

All applications are done through the online portal on the Foundation website. You must create a one time, password-protected account to access the application. You do not need to finish it all at once, and the system will automatically save your information as you work through the application. You only need to create an account one time. You do not need to create a new account each quarter that you want to apply for a scholarship.

I'm a Running Start student. Do I qualify for a scholarship?

No. Running Start students are not eligible. Once you complete RS, you can apply for a Foundation scholarship if you still plan to take college classes.

I'm a high school senior. Are there scholarships for me?

Yes. We have a $1,500 scholarship for incoming high school seniors for your first fall quarter. Please go to the 1500 First Quarter scholarship page to find out more. Otherwise, you have to be currently enrolled and taking classes at RTC to qualify for Foundation scholarships.

How do I make my scholarship application more competitive?

Attend a scholarship workshop to learn how to make your application the most competitive. The workshop schedule can be found on the scholarship home page. If you cannot attend the workshop or the dates have passed, please contact the Foundation at or at (425) 235-7867.

I have questions about filling out my application. How do I get them answered?

The best way to get your questions answered is to attend a scholarship workshop. Please visit the scholarship home page for the workshop schedule. If you cannot attend a workshop or the workshop dates have passed, please contact the Foundation at or at (425) 235-7867.

Do I need a recommendation from an instructor, a counselor, or employer?

Yes. One recommendation is required in order to submit your application and two are strongly encouraged. You do not need a letter of recommendation. There is a survey within your online application that you email to the person you want to make the recommendation. Once they complete the survey, it is automatically uploaded to your application and you will be notified that the survey is completed.

My instructors/employers are having trouble submitting the recommendation survey, what should I do?
Please contact the Foundation at or at (425) 235-7867. We are happy to assist you to troubleshoot any issues.

The scholarship process has closed. Can I still turn in my application?

No. Once the scholarship deadline has passed, we can no longer accept applications. However, you have the opportunity to apply three times a year for Foundation scholarships; in October for winter and January for spring quarters; and in May for fall quarter. Please check the Foundation website, CANVAS, and the Learning Resource & Career Center (LRCC) for information on when the online application and scholarship workshops are available.

How do I know if I received a scholarship?

You will be notified by email if you received a scholarship. Whatever email address you provide in the application is the one we will use. We also notified you if you did not receive a scholarship, or if you did not qualify and encourage you to set up a time to go over your application, so that you can provide a stronger application for the next cycle. Please check the scholarship home page for the scholarship notification schedule.

Why wasn’t I awarded a Foundation scholarship?

Our scholarship process is very competitive. There can be numerous reasons you were not awarded. Please contact us at or at (425) 235-7867 to review your application and scores. We want you to succeed and can look at ways for you to submit a stronger application for the next scholarship cycle.

I was awarded a Foundation scholarship, how do I receive the money?

Congratulations! We are excited to honor you as a Foundation scholar. The scholarship money goes directly into your RTC college account. Your scholarship can be used for tuition, program fees, books, and tools. Scholarship funds cannot be used for living expenses. Some scholarships are for tuition only and that will be noted in your award email. Please work with the Financial Aid Office in Building I, (425) 235-5841, on how you plan to apply your scholarship money.