Impressive Career Journey Started at RTC More Than 30 Years Ago



Sitting in Tami Rable’s office is an invitation to experience the heart and soul of Renton Technical College.

“I first attended RTC as a single parent in 1985,” said Rable, “I was escaping an abusive relationship and working to rebuild my life. My parents were behind me and I had a great support system. It made all the difference and I graduated as a surgical technician.”

It’s an impressive career journey and Rable is quick to say that she could not have done it without supportive faculty and professional mentors.

After graduating, Rable began her career at Providence Hospital in Seattle working with heart surgery doctors and nurses. “In 1991 I got a call from RTC that a faculty member was leaving and would I be interested in applying for the position,” said Rable, “I did the interview on Thursday and started the position the following Monday.”

She taught for 17 years and then in 2008 she became Associate Dean of Allied Health. “I loved teaching,” said Rable, “And then in 2014 I had the opportunity to do something completely different and move into workforce development. It was an open invitation to improve workforce training and look at ways to better spend grant money and strengthen programs including faculty development. “

Throughout her career, Rable has always looked at ways to give back to RTC.

“As soon as payroll deductions to support the RTC Foundation were available, I started giving,” said Rable. “It was in small amounts at first, but as I grew in my positions, I was able to give more and it really does add up over time.”

Rable added, “I came to RTC like many of our students, just trying to figure out how to build a future. Sometimes a $200 electricity bill is the difference between staying in school and finishing their education. While I was fortunate to have a great family support system, many students don’t have that. The foundation makes it possible for these students to stay on track and reach their education and career goals,” Rable said.

Photo of Tami Rable – Workforce Education Manager.

Tami Rable – Workforce Education Manager