Foundation announces 61 recipients for fall scholarships




Foundation Scholarships Double for Fall 2016 Quarter

We are excited to introduce the 61 student scholars who have been awarded a RTC Foundation scholarship for fall quarter. Your continued support and investment in their education success means we were able to double the number of scholarships awarded over spring quarter!

We have shared a few of their thank you notes below. These are exceptional individuals who are committed to achieving great things, and who also recognize RTC Foundation scholarships would not be possible without your support.

The scholars are as follows:

The Board of Trustees Scholarship

$1,000 to one student

Lisa White – Registered Nurse

Boeing Company Scholarship

$500 to seven students

Kristi Fox – Accounting Specialist
Peter Mbatia – Computer Science
Kevin Mitchell – Computer Network Technology
Mohammad Safi – Computer Science
Polina Vargot – Computer Science
Candice Nye – Computer Science
Michael Woods – Engineering Design Technology

Commercial Building Engineering (CBE) Scholarship

$500 to one student

Akeel Bin-Bellah – Commercial Building

Culinary Arts Scholarship

$350 to two students

Sara Abbott – Culinary Arts
Pratiya Rattanasone – Culinary Arts

Early Childhood Careers Scholarship

$500 to two students

Doris Fuentes – Early Childhood Careers 
Maria Sandoval – Early Childhood Careers

Future District 751 Machinists & Aerospace Workers Scholarship

$500 to two students

Tanu Tuong – Precision Machining
Roman Vivarelli – Precision Machining

The Grainger Foundation Scholarship

$500 to two students

Barry Sheppard – Band Instrument Repair Technology
Ian Smith – Welding

Leona Hickman Educational Trust Scholarship

$1,000 to one student

Aaron Barnett – Engineering Design Technology

M.A.R.T. Scholarship

$200 to one student

Kenneth Olujobi – Refrigeration Technology

The O.J. Harper Memorial Scholarship

$500 to two students

Tanu Tuong – Precision Machining
Roman Vivarelli – Precision Machining

The Robert Burke Memorial Scholarship

$800 to one student

Karen Langlois – Computer Applications

The Robert C. Roberts Scholarship

$500 to one student

Ivy Carslay – Associate in Pre-Nursing

The Ronald B. Fahey Memorial Scholarship

$500 to two students

Dleon Pate – Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair
Jacob Schreven – Automotive Technology

Rottler Manufacturing Scholarship

$500 to $1,500 to six students

Julio Eguiza – Precision Machining
Michael Ehlen – Precision Machining
Elijah Hall – Precision Machining
Peter Nguyen – Precision Machining
Geronimo Perez IV – Precision Machining
Sinh Troung – Precision Machining

RTC Foundation Scholarship

$500 to $1,000 to 23 students

Colette Ammon – Legal Assistant
Katia Anderson – Dental Assistant
Debbie Butcher – Computer Applications
Sung Chang – Registered Nurse
Kyli Elza – Registered Nurse
Vanessa Graves-McLeod – Registered Nurse
Marina Gutan – Registered Nurse
Annalise Heverly – Registered Nurse
Lakeisha Holmes – Medical Coding Specialist
Brailynn Kalilikane – Medical Coding Specialist
Brittney Kelly-Stowe – Registered Nurse
Yulia Kholodyuk – Registered Nurse
Brandy Lamberson – Early Childhood Careers
Charles Lee – Computer Science
Avery McGinnis – Registered Nurse
Candice Nye – Computer Science
Jerome Pernell – Welding
Kelli Pitchford – Ophthalmic Assistant
Eleanore Saechao – Computer Network Technology
Tanu Seth – Early Childhood Careers
James Taupula – Welding
Justin Tolleson – Associate of Business
Vlod Volodkov – Computer Science

The Steve Hanson Student Leadership Scholarship

$500 to four students

Nochtal Balzer – Computer Science
Sarra Ghezzaz – Dental Assistant
Carl Harris – Surgical Technologist
Michael Woods – Engineering Design Technology

Unico Properties Scholarship

$500 to three students

Nabeel Alshakerchi – Commercial Building Engineering
Kevin Fulgencio – Commercial Building Engineering
Dean Thompson – Commercial Building Engineering

Vern Gambriell Scholarship

$500 to four students

Mazin Alrawe – Commercial Building Engineering
ChengCheng Lu – Engineering Design Technology
Christian Taylor – Commercial Building Engineering
Ekaterina Zvereva – Construction Management

RTC scholars express gratitude…

Your donations make a significant impact on our student’s lives. Read a few of the ways you have made a difference for our Foundation scholars.

"This is a tremendous blessing for me and my family. I am so grateful."

  • Mike E., Precision Machining Technologies

"I wanted to thank you for your very generous donation…to my school…It is more appreciated than you will ever know."

  • Katia A., Dental Assistant

"I am humbled and deeply honored to be considered worthy…This good news has both buoyed my spirits and helped shore up my resolve to keep pushing on."

  • Aaron B., Engineering Design Technology

"Once again I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your financial support toward helping me to achieve what once seemed impossible…a college degree and hope for the future."

  • Kelli P., Ophthalmic Assistant

"This scholarship will help me so much with getting supplies… and, even more importantly, it will give me some additional time to spend with my new baby boy."

  • Jerome P., Welding

"With your support I can reach for the stars…to continue on to be the first in my family to earn a degree! You are what makes dreams come true and…you changed my life for the better."

  • Eleanore S., Computer Science
Photo of three student scholars.

Student scholars