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Lawrence Carter, known as Executive Chef Larry Carter, was born in the 1950's and passed away on August 15, 2022.

Gabriella Cotogna always wanted to go to college, even when people said her aspirations were stupid. 

We're excited to announce that RJ Minard III is bringing his sommelier and mixology talents and expertise to the May 14th Student Success Celebration!

If you are passionate about helping students achieve their educational goals and access high-wage jobs and great career pathways, the Renton Technical College Foundation is a place for you!

On Nov. 10th the RTC Demonstration Kitchen came alive with 48 guests and the laughter of Seattle-based Chef Shota Nakajima.

This is my favorite letter of the year to write, and I think the only way to begin is with the words, “growth and impact.”

When Leilanna Barrientes first started college right out of high school, it wasn’t a positive experience.

The following tribute is from Simone Terrell, daughter of Jacquelyn Terrell, and tenured faculty member at Renton Technical College in the phlebotomy technician program.

It's a wrap for the 2020-2021 school year and you accomplished some remarkable things with your generous giving to support student success.