Board of Directors

Stan Kawamoto - President
J Harper Contractors (Retired)
Appointed: July 2014

Karen Hansen - Vice President of Finance
Wyman and Associates
Appointed: July 2014

Reba Haas - Vice President of Membership
Team Reba of RE/MAX Metro Eastside
Appointed: May 2016

Fernando Del Valle - Vice President of Development
Albert Lee Appliances (Retired)
Appointed: March 2018

Brenda Collons - Secretary
Collons Communications
Appointed: September 2018

Brad Beck
University of Washington
Appointed: June 2019

Brent Camann
Q Hospitality Management
Appointed: January 2018

Lori Inman
Appointed: January 2020

Chae Kim
Legacy Group Interiors
Appointed: March 2018

Batholomew Kimani
RTC - Precision Machining
Appointed: September 2019

Bonnie Nichols
Ernst and Young, LLP
Appointed: March 2016

Susan Palmer
International Association Machinists & Aerospace Workers
District Lodge 751
Appointed: November 2016

Tyler Page
Board of Trustees Liasion
Appointed: September 2016

Jill Rupp
Student Representative
Appointed: November 2019

John Sothern
UW Medicine (Retired)
Appointed: July, 2014

June Stacey-Clemons
Higher Education Consultant
Appointed: February 2016

Warren Takata
RTC Automotive Faculty
Appointed: September 2017

Jay Townsend
First Financial Northwest Bank
Appointed: February 2016

Tyson Young
Student Representative
Appointed: November 2019

Renton Technical College Ex-Officio Board Members

Dr. Kevin McCarthy, President

Eduardo Rodriguez, Vice President, Administration & Finance

Carrie Shaw, Foundation Executive Director

Emeritus Board Members

Norma Cugini

Denny Dochnahl

Andee Jorgensen

Pat Newbury

Dr. Robert C. Roberts